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The game species of Hungary live in their natural habitat even today, relying on their instincts and preserving their natural, inherited qualities. The forests and fields, the untouched wilderness and the lands cultivated by man provide a habitat for these animals where they find the feeding and breeding sites and shelter most suited to their needs. Venison, the meat of game animals is the only genuine bioproduct, as they always choose the finest, freshest and healthiest of the wild- growing and naturally available plants that nature offer to them as a source of nutrition.

Game animals are true gourmets who do not contend themselves with anything but quality food.

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Sustainable game management

The history of hunting runs parallel with the history of humankind and has been one of the most ancient activities of man. Initially, hunting was pursued for subsistence and, as a source of food supply, served the purpose of survival and the continuation of human life. With civilization getting more and more developed, man’s relation to nature changed, and so did the purpose of hunting.

Hunting has always been more than just a way to get meat, or, as others look at it, a hobby. It is rather a way of life with conventions and values of its own that allows the man of modern days to submerge into nature.

Hunting is actually the harvesting of the fruits of a careful game management activity preceding it.

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A vadhús fogyasztásról

Food safety and food hygiene provisions are observed throughout the process of game management and hunting, at every stage. Ongoing control is an integral part of the system in which quality is safeguarded from the very first steps by the application of the rules of a unified quality control system.

The meat of game species living freely in nature has wholly different qualities than the meat of domesticated animals or animals kept for slaughter and processed within the framework of large-scale farming. The fundamental differences observable derive from farming under artificial conditions in enclosed spaces and from the application of feeding technologies that are in many cases not suited to the specific needs of the species in question.

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